Thursday, July 3, 2014

Project Life | End of the School Year

Last day of school has come and gone. It's summer! Hooray!! Then, you remember that massive pile of school art/worksheets piled up in the corner of the kitchen. Ugh. Time to tackle that now and figure out what to keep and include in Project Life. Here is how I took on that very task.

Let's start with the before. 
I mean... look at all that awesome work and art! How can I part with any of it?! Well, I did. I take photos of that large paintings. This way I can include them in Project life by printing out as a 4x6 or 3x4 if I choose to.
Then I was cut-throat with what I kept and what I tossed. I used a Becky Higgins 12x12 envelope to hold the real treasures that we just can't part with. Since I was at the end of my first album for 2014 I knew that I had just enough space to hold this envelope, too. Nice how the timing worked out. 

So, here is the layout that I did for the last day of school and included all of her artwork in and class photos.

And this is what it all looks like together in the album.

And that's a wrap for volume 1 of 2014's Project Life! It is clearly time to move on to a fresh album.
Now, can we discuss this problem of her growing so quickly in 9 short months??
Do you have any organization tips for end of the school year in your house? How do you like to document it in Project Life? Let me know in the comments.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Every Little Bit: Wander | Deena Rutter Creative Team Layout


Oh man, this month's kit from Deena Rutter's "Every Little Bit" collection is truly meant for me. Maps. Maps!! I have always been obsessed with maps. They are the main focus of my walls. Real places, imagined places, places we used to live, places we want to go. I love maps! So imagine my delight when I saw this travel themed kit from Deena Rutter:
This weekend only, this entire kit is available for 30% off at Pixels & Co. Hurry and snap it up!

More details from my layout:
20140628-IMG_6730-Edit.jpg  20140628-IMG_6729-Edit.jpg
I snuck a few cards from Deena's Project Life Coral core kit and a few cards from Studio Calico's Project Life kit (Local Fresh Sweet and the strawberry card were just too perfect to pass up).

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Project Life | Week Twenty Four

Happy first day of Summer!! Woo hoo!! And with the arrival of the sun I'm going to be a girl of few words and just leave these pics here. Mostly used Studio Calico bit and pieces this week.20140618-IMG_6000.jpg 20140618-IMG_6001.jpg 20140618-IMG_6002.jpg 20140618-IMG_6009.jpg 
I'm so happy to finally be getting down little morsels like this card about Matilda's imaginary friend Moo Moo. I need to be better and getting more memories like this written down.
20140618-IMG_6005.jpg 20140618-IMG_6008.jpg
If you need me, I'll be in the kiddie pool. Ciao for now!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Project Life | Week Twenty Three

Well, this layout proves that life really only happens for us on the weekends. ;) Another gorgeous weekend spent up at the Lake relaxing with family. 20140610-IMG_5759.jpg
I had the great pleasure to work with Stephanie Adams' brand spankin' new June "Hello Summer" Print and Play kit. This kit is such an awesome idea. When you sign up you get a digital kit to play with right away. Then, a few days later you'll receive a coordinating physical kit in the mail. And both of these kits are ENORMOUS!

Look at all this loot in the digital kit (which can be purchased on it's own for just $10):

This is is what was included in the physical kit (which has verrrry limited quantities): 
All of that for just $19.99! I think it's the best deal out there right now. And I just love Stephanie's bright, graphic design style. Here are some close-ups of my layout.
20140610-IMG_5762.jpg 20140610-IMG_5769.jpg
I love that the physical kit included embroidery floss. That is something I've been wanting to try on my layouts for some time now. I attempted to make a little sun with the "Awesome" cut out circle and the doily. Then stitched some water at the bottom using the blue vellum and blue embroidery floss. So fun!

Stephanie Adams' Print and Play June "Hello Summer" kit releases this Sunday, June 15th. Sign up now and receive the digital kit on release day and check your mailbox a few days later for the bountiful physical kit if you are lucky enough to snag one in time. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Crazy for QR Codes | Tutorial for Adding Video to your Project Life

I have become a huge fan of including video in my Project Life spreads. Sometimes a photo only can convey a portion of the story. Ballet recitals, swimming lessons, riding the rides at Disneyland. These experiences are best viewed as a video. They don't even have to be edited videos. Quick snippets of video are sometimes all you need to tell the story. A splash in a fountain, a funny phrase she says right now, some epic dance moves.

Looking back through 2014's album so far I've noticed that there is almost one QR code per week! It's gotten to the point where my daughter thinks that any QR code she sees out in the world now is a link to a video of herself! 

Here are some examples of how I've used QR codes in my layouts.
So, you think you want to include these in your layouts as well? It's pretty simple to do so. Follow along!

Step 1:  Find or record the video you want to include in your layout. It may be a series of clips. If that is the case, you may want to edit them together with a simple movie program. I use the iMovie iPhone app quite frequently for little "movies". 

Step 2:  Upload your video to an online service such as Vimeo (my favorite) or YouTube. I like Vimeo because I can upload just about any music I want with my video without running into music license issues. With YouTube I was being "dinged" all the time for using licensed music in my video. I also like the streamline look of Vimeo and the lack of ads when you just want to watch the video.

Step 3:  Find the URL for your specific video and input it into a QR Code Generator. I like to use for it's simplicity and the ability to change the color of the QR code to match my layout. A very important feature in my book. ;) 
Then download the QR code and you can print it out and include it in your layout! 

Lots of times I like to sneak the QR codes onto existing cards, but sometimes I like the QR code to stand out so I created these QR Code Project Life Cards in both a 4x6 inch size and 3x4 inch size. And guess what. You can have them, too!! Click the photos to download the individual sizes or click here to download all sizes and colors.

Download the 4x6 QR Card Black 
Download the 4x6 QR Card Gray 

Download the 3x4 Vertical QR Card Black

Download the 3x4 Vertical QR Card Gray

Download the 3x4 Horizontal QR Card Black

Download the 3x4 Horizontal QR Card Black

Here's what all the cards look like printed out.

Here is what the card looks like used in a layout. Fun, right? Go ahead, scan the QR code and you can see a short little video of us attempting to use a paddle boat.

I'd love to see what you do with these cards. Let's have a link up! I challenge you to include a video on your next Project Life layout. If you do it, link it up below so we can all ooooh and ahhhh over your handiwork! 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Project Life | Week Twenty Two

Week 22 of Project Life is in the books... er, album. I finally tackled some of those Studio Calico kits that have been piling up. I mostly a combination of the May Camelot and the April Bluegrass Project Life kits. Love the soft, sweet colors this week. A bit of a departure from the bright rainbow-filled spreads from the past weeks birthday celebrations.20140604-IMG_5619.jpg 
Not a lot of embellishing this week. Some burlap Thickers to mark the week. A little wood veneer cloud from a past Take Ten kit and some pink jewels from the Studio Calico Camelot kit.

Left side:
Right side:
I created a little watercolor map of Green Lake where we went our paddle boating one day last week. I did this by using the amazing site Maps Stamen. You can input any location in the world and have a watercolor map created for you. Then you can specify the size and download it. I made it into a 3x4 inch size. 

I included a sheet of paper that my daughter has been practicing her writing on. I put a little pull tab on top of the sheet and tucked it behind the journaling. This is such a sweet moment in time and I know I will treasure this little slip of paper in the future.
You like that little QR Code card up there at the top? Well, my next blog post will be a tutorial on how to include videos in your Project life album using QR codes. And I may or may not include a little freebie printable Project Life card, too. (Spoiler alert: I will.) 'Til then!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Every Little Bit: Daydream | Deena Rutter Creative Team Layout

And just like that... it was summer! I was so excited to work with Deena Rutter's newest release for June. The Every Little Bit: Daydream collection just released today and I couldn't wait to get my little hands on it. I used photos from Memorial Day Weekend that fit just perfectly with the nautical-inspired designs. Seriously, though? If you design a kit with an anchor anywhere in it I will be required to purchase it. That's just how my brain is wired. Onto the layout:

Project Life | Fourth Birthday Layout

My daughter turned 4 last week. I knew that I wanted to commemorate that in some special way for the Project Life album but wasn't sure how. Then I remembered the amazing title page that Elise Blaha created for her 2014 album. This spread literally took my breath away when I saw it back at the end of 2013. I knew I wanted to try it myself some day. Well.... this was the day. And let me tell you, she makes it look easy. It isn't. It took