Friday, November 8, 2013

Loo De Loop | Advent Calendars

 I am in the midst of Christmas Advent Calendar season. 
Or, as I hashtagged it on Instagram: #timetomaketheadvents 
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I pulled out all of the Christmas fabrics around the middle of September with the intention of completing all 30 Advent Calendars of the year by the end of October so that everything would be "Ready to Ship!" in the shop for the month of November. Well, it's now November 8th and while they are not all completely finished I have a good dent in the production and my current turnaround time is just 3-4 days from order to shipped. 

I started off tracking the number of hours it takes to complete one Advent Calendar from start to finish. After 75+ hours, I stopped tracking. Let's just say these are a complete labor of love for me. 

If you are looking for a fun way to fill your family with the holiday spirit, these Advent Calendars are just the thing. They aren't meant to load up with candy (although these golden chocolate coins fit in there nicely!), but to fill up with an activity card for each day leading up to Christmas. 
I like to plan out the month and place certain cards in certain days. For example, I know which days we will be going to visit Santa, have our family Christmas party, build gingerbread houses with friends. Then I fill in the other days with quick little activities like "have hot cocoa with marshmallows", watch "Charlie Brown Christmas", etc. I also try to fill it with several charitable activities, too. Picking out a toy for Toys for Tots, taking holiday treats to the neighbors, etc.

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What kind of Advent Calendar do you have? What are some Holiday traditions you are looking forward to this year? Let me know in the comments.

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