Saturday, December 7, 2013

25 Days of Christmas | Days 7


Day 7 was a big one! Candy Cane the Elf announced the big news: we're going on the Santa Train today! Matilda got her special ticket and jumped all around the house in excitement. 

The forecast for today was for a high of 28˚F. Brrrrrr. So we all bundled up and stocked up on little hand warmers (a life saver!) for the trip up to North Bend to the Northwest Railway Museum for their Santa Train ride. It's a quick 40 trip from Seattle and you're almost 5000' with beautiful views. 

A quick 15 minute ride and we arrived at Snoqualamie Train Station and got to see the big guy himself.


Santa's elf gave Tilly a little surprise, a train whistle. Which she (and 200 other kids) proceeded to blow the whole train ride back to North Bend. Oy.

This was such a fun experience and will probably become a yearly tradition from here on out. 

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