Friday, April 25, 2014

Project Life | Week Sixteen

Sixteen weeks in? Can't believe I've stayed caught up all year. Recently Matilda asked to flip through the pages with me. That's what makes it all worth it. She loves scanning the QR codes and watching videos and saying "Remember this, Mommy?!?" to every. single. photo. Love it. And this is why I continue.

So, on to week 16. Easter. Rainbows. Ninja. Parade. That about sums it up.

Used Stephanie's awesome "Downpour" April kit again this week. Seriously love this kit and it's colors/cards/style. (P.S. It's still on sale! Go now!!) I threw a little Midnight in there, too.

20140425-IMG_4685.jpg 20140425-IMG_4687.jpg

I did a little flip up pocket this week to include an extra photo and a yummy recipe I made for Easter dinner (Ham, Artichoke and Potato Gratin -  seriously, so good!).
20140425-IMG_4688.jpg 20140425-IMG_4691.jpg 20140425-IMG_4699.jpg

I made my own cork flair this week, too. Purchased cork sheets, cut them out with a 1" circle punch and stamped! These are so easy and a cute way to embellish pages. You'll probably get sick of seeing these week after week from me. Sorry in advance.

I had a hard time editing down my selection of photos again this week. So, I decided to include a Design H in the middle of the spread. 
20140425-IMG_4692.jpg 20140425-IMG_4693.jpg 20140425-IMG_4694.jpg 20140425-IMG_4697.jpg 20140425-IMG_4696.jpg
So, that's a wrap! How's your 2014 Project Life going? Caught up? Have you started yet? What helps keep you motivated?

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