Saturday, May 24, 2014

Project Life | Week Twenty

Week 20 is in the books! Warm weather, a 4 year old birthday party, and family gatherings. The best kind of week. This was a bright and sunny week that called for a bright and sunny layout using
the Becky Higgins Strawberry Edition Project Life Core Kit. It worked perfectly with the rainbow-themed birthday party.

I added a little SN@P Photo Flips to added an extra 2 photos to the birthday party page. Love these little photo flips for a way to sneak in extra photos or journaling without having to add another page to the spread.

And here is what the layout looks like in the album:
I added a Becky Higgins 8x10 photo insert to include the party invitation on the outside and tuck in all the fantastic handmade cards that Tilly got at her party. Seriously, the artwork on these cards is amazing. Then I put another copy of the invitation on the back side (just because I had an extra and I could). 
And that's it! Next week will be another fun one as my girls' actual birthday is on Saturday! Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.


  1. Hi, Very colorful pages.... I had queston though. The card on the left. I guessing it is the title card. The one with the date and the week 20 on it. I am guessing that you used design a. So the title card is 4x6 size. Where do you get them. Did you just make them, if you did do you cut them . Thanks Valerie

  2. You may have just sold me on the Strawberry kit! Lol. Such beautiful and colorful pages! (Love the invite too! Where did you get it made?)